“What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?”

I wonder how many of us named the boob tube for this one. My knee jerk response was indeed television. I don’t spend that much time watching tv–at least, not compared to the bulk of the American population. Maybe an hour or two each day, depending on what’s on. I justify my tv watching, like most of us, by talking to myself: “You’ve worked hard. You need to relax.”

But personal energy is a funny thing. I’ve been discovering that I get energy back from the energy I put in. I noticed this when I starting walking to work. The morning route has a particularly beastly hill and I really thought it was an inappropriate amount of vigor to undertake before a full day’s work. But once I started, the opposite happened. I had more energy and a better mood on the days I walked. I became a better teacher, a more cheerful person. I handle stress much better. I lost 55 pounds.

What would it feel like to write for that hour or two of television every night? Would I miss the “relaxation”? I’m starting to see that it might be an illusory, unstable kind of relaxation, one that relates more to numbing than the alive, electric relaxation I feel after a good sweat.

Yeah, I should write for that hour every night. I should work up a sweat.


~ by lithasblot on December 2, 2010.

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